My break from the blog

To open with a cliche, I have been neglecting my blog. Obviously. Now, this is partially due to lack of time, largely through lack of inspiration, somewhat through my computer having inexplicable differences of opinion with, and mostly through the realization that, while I am most inspired to write when I am stressed or under pressure, that's usually the last time I should write if I want to be seen as an even remotely reasonable person. I write fairly well when I am venting, a talent which would serve me very well if I was a liberal Bush-basher/Fox News hater/anti-organized religion/ editorial writer. However, since I find such writers rather perturbing, I have waited until the stresses in my life (normal stresses, but stresses all the same) have subsided somewhat.

And since I don't ever want to become one of those bloggers who honestly believe that someone will care that their latest epiphany about the true meaning of the universe comes from the geometric shape they found in a defective cheerio, I will stop talking about myself, and try to scrounge up something interesting to be opinionated about.