You wander through the failing light
Where shadows dance and fade
'Round the hollow where courage once was laid.
Yet in this night of frailty,
Though your soul cries out alone,
May you turn from haunted memories.

To see the world you've never known,
Through roads that wither thin,
You must challenge the fate that you have seen.
You're in your house of painted glass
Where you're sheltered but alone
As you wait for night that does not pass.

You've strayed alone,
You've lost your way.

Against the night you bear the chill
As solace withers down.
You have silenced the thruth that you have found.
Wasted by the wake of years,
Of a life that stands alone,
You've lost the way, the way from here.



Here's a little song I wrote a while back when I was in college. I'm usually not this depressing.


Mikaela D'eigh said...


Keep forgetting to send you the lyrics for our pirate song - will do that this afternoon!

See ya tomorrow (hopefully!)

GreenGirl said...

Excellent! (Cool name, btw). I'll be in touch!

King Alfred said...

What's wrong with being depressing? ;-)

Glad your posting. Nice song. See you around. :-)