"A Sonnet of Love for a Plagiarist"

Let not the marriage of true minds
Admit plagiarism. Thoughts are not Thoughts which
Alter when they websites find,
Or bend so socialists can remove.
Oh no: It is an ever fixed mark, that is a F,
And is never shaken. It is the spark to every
Wandering note , whose worth's unknown,
But whose ideas from pink monkeys were taken.
School's not time's fool, though rosy letter'd grades
Within communist interpretations come.
Grades alter not with these brief hours and weeks,
But bears it out, even to careers in fast-food.
Despite these errors, I shall see it proved,
Chimps never writ, and neither have you.


Here's a little something that is unfortunately very relevant to my current occupation. Warning to ALL students: if you plagiarize, I will make fun of you. Just kidding. Really, I am.


King Alfred said...

hah, that's great. Pink monkeys?

gipsyjaime said...

pinkmonkey is a site along the same lines as sparknotes. we hate them, greengirl and i.
oh, the days of cheater-catching! like a safari sport. still passing around student quotes, though ... heehee!

Mikaela D'eigh said...

Omigosh! What a hoot! Bravo, GG!

What is going on here - Green has pink monkies and Gypsy has a pink elephant!? ;-)

GreenGirl said...

Pink and green . . . some of the many colors of insanity, me thinks. Such are the hazards of my (and formerly Gipsy's) job.